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The product world

Prosthetics models

Building the basis for a fitting denture, the precision of prosthetics models – just like the gingiva mask and the removable stubs – are decisive for a successful treatment. The excellent mechanical strength allows subsequent finishing work on the model. We have qualified the accuracy of fitting for several implant systems.


Orthodontic models

A validated manufacturing process, industrial standards with regard to machines and production procedures: We supply the highest precision of diagnostic and orthodontic models available in the market. Thanks to optimized mechanical characteristics our models are usable for repeated thermoforming processes and also for finishing works.

Medical devices

Complex geometrics with the best possible precision – self evident also for medical devices. Our ISO certified resins were especially developed for the application in the patient's mouth. The qualified manufacturing process ensures mechanics, biocompatibility and durability of the application. This safeguards the clinical success.

How it works

Print@Dreve is your service offer for generative dental components "Made in Germany". High-performance printing equipment provides the highest industry standard in terms of precision, volume, material and process flexibility. As the entire workflow, including the cleaning and final curing of the models, is being consistently further developed and innovations are continually being worked on in the company's own research and development department, Print@Dreve consistently offers the required precision at an acceptable unit price.

The smooth process is guaranteed by the highly qualified technical support of Innovation MediTech GmbH. The open system offers maximum flexibility in the selection of the intraoral scanner and the associated software. Through the entire process of the process at the plant in Unna, the components are shipped latest after 24 hours.

Highest industry standard guaranteed.

The ordering platform for those who prefer to have it printed: Comfortable, high-precision and efficient. In every single production stage of generative model production With Print@Dreve you can order digital dental models in all geometries and detail levels, of course including post-curing and cleaning.

That's digitalisation.

Your comfortable order portal for 3D dental models "Made in Germany". Whether prosthetics or orthodontics. Absolutely precise in the production process and at the same time extremely flexible. Everything from one source: From data validation to final curing, our highly skilled technical support ensures the highest industry standard for your model. This reaches you not only in consistent quality, but also in record time: Thanks to the uniform process management your model is on the way latest after 48 hours.

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Contact Persons Print@Dreve


Ricarda Schlott

Phone +49 2303 8807 7130
Fax +49 2303 8807 3407

Email address: ricarda.schlott(at)


Ann-Christin Tümmler

Phone +49 2303 8807 413
Fax +49 2303 8807 3407

Email address: ann-christin.tuemmler(at)

Sales Manager

Kerstin Maringer-Pegelow

Phone +49 2303 8807 716
Fax +49 2303 8807 3407

Email address: k.maringer-pegelow(at)